Version Update 1.3.0b
This update contains the Script Sharing Platform. The platform itself is still in testing. Please report to slack / bugzilla / github if you've experienced any issues.
Several experimental features has also been shipped with this release. e.g. Start screen, app tiles, about.

The app name has also been localized to Grimoire Reaper. But it is still 輕小説文庫 in Chinese.

Please note that the update frequency is slower on this channel. If you wish to join the testing channel. There's plenty of way to contact me:)

Enabled https

[ ShHub ] ScriptDetails also appeared in BookInfoView as Comment Section
[ Change ] Smaller button size

[ fix ] OneDrive again! Chapter of AutoAnchor did not sync across devices correctly.
[ fix ] bug 153 - Comment crashes on the new Observables Model
[ new ] Added handy direction toggle, can toggle between LTR Horz, RTL Horz, LTR Vertical view direction on BookInfoView before hopping into ContentReader
[ change ] Slowly retiring StateControl. Using attached properties to reduce the complexity of the element tree

[ ShHub ] Export auths
[ ShHub ] Prompt Login when pressing inbox
[ ShHub ] Login Dialog added register button

This freaking spastic touch screen is out of control! I've implemented this Undo button to sooth the pain of accidental Jump to Top / Bottom Clicking.

[ Change ] Localized AppName
[ Change ] User Agent

[ New ] Undo button that jumps back to the previous selected anchor

[ ShHub ] User can now change their password
[ ShHub [ Comment notifications

[ fix ] list does not update on key import
[ fix ] Escape should always try to close the dialog boxes first
[ fix ] Script remove does not show proper message
[ fix ] Crashes on set access token when nothing is available
[ fix ] EPStepper sometimes does not work

This update contains several stability patches.

[ libtaotu ] Test on ProcExtract will do a test run from start when incoming is checked
[ ShHub ] Ability to add Token / auth manually
[ ShHub ] Users can now change their display name
[ fix ] Status history -1 / -2 should be "Invalid Script" or "No Volume data"
[ fix ] Upload should not save the file locally
[ fix ] Uploading invalid file can crash

This is the first development release of the Sharer's Hub.

**** WARNING ****
DO NOT use any of your regular user name / password for account registration on this testing platform.
Data might be loss / removed due to data purging and frequent schema migration.

Sharer's Hub - A script sharing platform

Sharer's hub is now in beta. This platform allows user to search & share user-created crawler instructions with others.

[ New ] Share script, upload / publish / edit
[ New ] Script comments
[ New ] Script Status reports
[ New ] Support for both script & comments encryption
[ New ] Key and AccessToken requests
[ New ] Direct edit a Spider script
[ New ] Search by tags / zones / types and more!
[ New ] Scripts can be uploaded anonymously ( No login required! )

Minor Changes:
[ Enhancement ] Upgraded to .Net 5.2.2
[ Enhancement ] Spider book should not read the TOC on page startup
[ Fix ] Logon issue due to .Net 5.2.2
[ Fix ] BookinfoView, auto hide unused info
[ Fix ] Cannot copy themes over Remote Desktop
[ Fix ] SpiderBook will crash ??? mode
[ Changed ] Tuned down the vibrant for the default dark theme
[ Changed ] IconComment smaller
[ Changed ] Slight Y transitions for all State Controls
[ Removed ] Rectile

Are there any issues? I am working on a big update about a script sharing platform. There won't be big changes, be patient. Thank you.

[ Changes ] Start - Removed ProgressRing on the Start button, also changed the word "start"
[ Changes ] QClock - Added Battery ArcHand
[ Changes ] BookInfoView - OneDrive / AutoAnchor jump buttons in BookInfoView are closer to thumb when on phone.
[ Fixed ] Loading mask not displaying action messages

[ Improvement ] lags on the Start when getting new Announcement
[ Update ] .NetCore, AppInsight
[ Removed ] Baumkuchen
[ Removed ] StarField

P2DFlow ( Experimental )

This replaces the Baumkuchen & StarField

斟酌 鵬兄
Wed Aug 17 2016 09:09:11 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Last modified: Wed Aug 17 2016 09:09:15 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Thank you for the update. However,I have no clue how to since the new puzzle even with the hint. XD please help me. Anyway, thank you again for all the hard work
1:39 AM Aug 2016, 18 Thu
There are 3 phases in the puzzle. On each phase you must draw a correct path, i.e.:
1:41 AM Aug 2016, 18 Thu
Oh thx, such a clear instruction. Now i can open it on my surface, but on my phone, which is Lumia 830, the particle effect seems to drag down the performance very heavily. Even to the point that I can't open the "app". Perhaps you can make it more low end friendly? Just take you time on that, no hurry :)
7:54 AM Aug 2016, 18 Thu
The particle effects itself does not tear down the performance. It actually indicates the system is still loading.
Otherwise you may get about 5 secs of unresponsiveness from the app.

However I am aware of the performance on mobile device. I am still working on it. But I could do much about it even the OS is lagging on itself tho.
8:05 AM Aug 2016, 18 Thu
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